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A time to rest

harder than I thought

sunny 16 °C
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yeah, I was hit harder than I thought.
I slept all afternoon, took a break to walk around the neighborhood and now I'm going back to sleep.I had an exhaustive list of accumulated hours printed on my forhead, and only now I get to erase some.
It is very nice here. There is the ex-miss-Bogotá-now-landlord Esperanza, her playful granddaughter Sofia, my Aunt, her boyfriend Germán and a couple of other university sudents.
It is quiet and just 15-20 minutes away from the heart of the city.
They told me that the weather improved critically since yesterday, which means I got lucky, given that my huge bag is filled just with very light stuff, and not a single sweater [I came prepared for Morocco, where I'll arrive to next week].
Anyway I walked around and took a couple of snaps before dark; didn't go far, actually just 5 blocks down and up a street called Calle de Conde de Peñalver.
I like it here, a nice vibe reign over the air.
The music blended with the dim light of the afternoon, and I was really enjoying the very soft chilled breeze that was blowing through the streets –the people were all out walking, going about their stuff; it's a nice feeling after being stuck so long at a place where walking is a part of an exercise not a possibility of transit.
Well, tomorrow I won't be going to Valencia, rather this coming Saturday, so I plan on waking up very early and taking some morning pictures at el Prado.
Hope everyone is formidable and healthy,
kind regards,

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He llegado a España!

The sun is bright. The temperature is just right.

sunny 17 °C
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Very good flight from Miami to Philadelphia. Delayed, uncomfortable but cheap to Madrid. Definitely worth it for the money, though!

Madrid is beautiful, although I really just got to see two streets; soon, after a very quick siesta, I will walk through the center of town which I am eager to see.

Well, have to go and eat!
This is the apartment where I'm staying. It's where my aunt lives.

Bye to everyone!

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So, where to begin?

Indeed I have the few tickets I need, enough money to keep me floating and a window open wide to let all that new air flow in it.
I am extremely overwhelmed by the planning and all those mental episodes of each place I'll be going to, that don't let my be at peace.
My thoughts are just floating all over, it is time for confusion. That is exactly the setting I am looking for: chaos.
Well anyway, I'm writing this at 2:59am so excuse such weird succession of words –I've had a long day, and plan to have a longer one tomorrow.
I need to pack my bags, make sure I am bringing everything (I don't have a clue of what everything would be), and decide what are the books I'm going to bring.

Well, I ran out of things to say, and really don't want to say much, this is just a test, you know to see if this will work.
Thank you very much for reading this,
whoever you are that is reading I am sure to know you; therefore, it is my duty to send you a warm hug, and wish you the best of luck in whatever you are doing, and obviously when you have time come and check, maybe I have had some time to log on and write a couple of lines and put a pic or two on. Actually, that's why I got this, so be sure to find something like that every day or two.

The map is probably the single best thing in this website, and I will plot every single journey on it, before and when or after I have stopped at the places. You can zoom into it and at every point you can see details which I will post on. There are different trips so you can surf through them and see my past or future, who knows.

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